Frequently Asked Questions
We try to anticipate questions you might have about our Products or Services and provide the answers here. If you need additional information send email to or use the convenient form on the Contact Us page.

1. Why should I use organics instead of chemical products on my lawn?

There are numerous reasons to use organics instead of chemicals on your lawn and landscape; I'll list just a few here.  First and foremost, by using organics you do NOT put yourself, family, or pets at risk of the possible toxic side effects of chemical use.  The chemical based products can also lead to thatch buildup, causing a need for more frequent watering.  These products also deplete your soil structure and kill the beneficial organisms that help give you a beautiful lawn and landscape.  In contrast, organics build soil structure by feeding not only your lawn and landscape, but also the soil. 

2. Will the use of environmentally safe products cost me more money?

Our prices are actually very competitive when compared to the cost of non-organic products.  Several years ago the prices of organics were much higher, but today this simply is not true.  You can have a safe healthy lawn at a very competitive price.

3. If organics are so great why doesn't everyone use them?

To put it simply, chemical companies make large amounts of money off of the sale of these products.  Advertising leads the general public to think that the use of non-organic products is safe and provide superior results. The facts do not support this mis-leading advertising.  The truth is that organics provide great results and truly are safe.  To see a simple chart of the side effects of chemical pesticides and herbicides please visit the following site.

4. What other link can you recommend that has good information?

Here is another link to some good information on the chemicals in non-organic products:

5. Is it okay for my pets to be outside when you apply your Organic treatments?

Yes, it is safe for your pets, however it could stain your floors if pets track it inside.

6. What problems do Organic products solve?

For every problem there is an environmentally friendly organic product to solve it! You can have a lush, green lawn and be the envy of your neighbors while protecting your loved ones from the hazards of poisonous chemical lawn products.

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