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January 30th, 2018
Well, the weather in Middle TN is as usual, and to quote Forrest Gump "like a box of chocolates, you never know what you're going to get" The temperatures have been all over the place, it seems one day feels like the tropics and the next like the Arctic. One thing we haven't had much of is rain. We are officially in a drought to start off the new year. You may want to monitor the soil moisture around any evergreens that are not well established. If the soil is very dry it wouldn't be a bad idea to give them a supplemental watering. Also, it is a good idea to go ahead and spray an organic dormant oil on most all of your ornamental bushes and trees, we do have this product in stock, for your convenience.

It will soon be time to put down your natural pre-emergent weed and feed. By applying in late winter you will have fewer weeds in the lawn this spring and summer. Typically, depending on the overall temperature trends, late February is the prime time for applying a pre-emergent, though some choose to reapply every 4-6 weeks for continued weed suppression and as a steady source of Nitrogen. As always we have our natural pre-emergent in stock and at the best prices around. Be sure to stop in to pick some up, before you miss your best chance to prevent summer weeds. It is also great to put down anytime you apply mulch to your landscape. Many also use it in their vegetable gardens, though you will not want to do so if you are planning to sow seed within six weeks.

Speaking of the vegetable garden, it is also time to start thinking about what vegetables you want to grow this year and planning their placement in the garden. You'll want to consider rotating your crops from year to year when possible. Did you know we stock over 20 different fertilizer blends and soil amendments. No matter what you want to grow we have a fertilizer to help assure a successful harvest. Another way to get your garden off to a good start is to top dress it with a thick layer of our mushroom compost. If you have any questions about gardening or anything else lawn and landscape related, we are always here to assist you.

Many people do not realize that we are also a full service landscape company. Actualy, this is how our company started. The garden center grew from the need of our service business to source the highest quality lawn and garden supplies and organic fertilizers, etc. We have built a reputation for excellence over the past 25 years. We insist on the job being done right the first time, 2nd best simply is not good enough. No matter if you just need your current landscape spruced up, or a ground up landscape or hardscape design and installation you can rest assured that the quality of your finished project will be second to none Please contact us today for more information on the many ways our professional services can best meet your residential and commercial outdoor lawn and landscape needs.

Our Family truly appreciates the opportunity to serve your lawn and landscape needs.

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From simple lawn mowing to full-service landscape designs, our wide range of organic lawn care and landscaping services make it easy to get the most from your lawn without harming the environment. Put our friendly, knowledgeable staff and incomparable attention to detail to work for you and experience firsthand, everything your landscaping service should be.

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For the Love of Nature!
For the Love of Nature!

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